The mission of the NEC Bike Tour is to raise funds on behalf of other IRS qualified Section 501(c)3 non-profit organizations, whose missions support research, education, and awareness aimed at curing and treating chronic diseases, such as diabetes, that affect a significant portion of the United States population.

The NEC Bike Tour’s organizational vision is to become the premier provider of New England bicycling adventures, through the annual execution of a multi-day destination cycling event along the coast, mountains, and scenic byways of New England that successfully raises funds in support of the Organization’s mission. The NEC Bike Tour aspires to become a significant charitable supporter of one or more non-profit organizations engaged in the work and purposes outlined in our mission, above. The NEC Bike Tour event will be a challenging and rewarding experience consisting of a seven day, approximately 550-mile ride, or an optional 150-mile ride that would take place during the first two days of the seven-day event.

The values of the NEC Bike Tour are to foster a culture that places safety for all as our top priority; that is welcoming to all volunteers, participants, and staff; that is limited in size and scale in order to provide an intimate, enjoyable and unique experience for all participants; and to achieve high retention of volunteers and participants, which will ensure sustainability of the event and the ability to successfully deliver and fulfill our mission.